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Ready Fish Box is a new initiative which started in May 2020, as a result of the collapse in fish prices through the impact of Covid19 on the supply chain. The aim is to make local day boat Brixham fish available to the local customers, the community, hotels, restaurants and fish buyers either direct from us or alternatively via Pesky Fish, an online fish auction, who are based in Galmpton, South Devon.

We specialises in quality, fresh, sustainably caught premium day boat fish landed in Brixham, sold directly to consumers. As an inshore fishing business, we are fortunate to have Pesky Fish, operating a Brixham fish market on our doorstep, who deliver both locally and nationally day boat fish landed along the South West coastline, to UK consumers through the online market.   Our lovely finest fresh fish can be ordered through Pesky Fish regardless of where you live in the UK.   

MFV Two Brothers BM 516, an inshore fishing boat, has been fishing from Brixham for over 15 years and is owned and run as our local family business, skippered by the owner Darren Ready, who has been fishing since he was 14 years of age, and still going strong over 35 years later.

MFV Resolute BM 33 was added to the Ready fishing business more recently in 2016 and is managed and skippered by Darren Passmore, a local boy who lives in Brixham with his wife Sophie and two young children.

Brixham Fish Direct to Your Door

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London Marathon 2020 for SeafarersUK

Raising Money for SeafarersUK - Sarah Ready, Skipper's Wife - BM516

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The Heritage of Withy Pot Making

Supporting our Fishing Industry and It's Heritage

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Day Boat Fresh Fish Storage

A fishbox is a fantastic way to discover new varieties of fish and seafood. Rather than buying one type of seafood at a time, you get an array of different flavours and tastes to try. Some classic, some a little less familiar but just as delicious.

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Preparation of Fish and Recipe Inspirations for your Day Boat Fish

Both Skippers have left early morning, returning home later in the day, searching at sea each day for your fish, to ensure that your fish box contains the freshest, seasonal mix of high quality fish for you to get the very best from your Ready Fish Box.

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Health Benefits of Eating Fish

We love food but not all food was created equally. Seafood is a nutrient dense food source that provides a huge array of health benefits. Plus there is no variety quite like it elsewhere!

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Species of Fish Information

It is always useful to have full information on the many different species and variety of fish is available to order from a local fishermen. The details below include many of those that may be within your box, but will also include details of fish available from other specialist suppliers.

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Eating Fish and Weight Loss

Fish is a great source of lean protein. The amount of protein packed in a portion depends on which variety of fish you opt to consume. But overall, fish is a great way of loading up on high quality protein that helps you reach your weight loss goals.

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Our Seasonal Fish Boxes - January 2021 - £25.00 each box

Each box contains a seasonal variety of fish that is caught locally off the South Devon coast by one of our two small trawlers. We actively welcome contact before ordering to discuss your requirements and likely availability of fish species each day.

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