24 May

I write this blog today entirely overwhelmed from the support from my family and friends, and also the fishing industry, to support me on my weight loss programme through healthy eating.      Today sees the end to a very busy week of fishing and family life and I will be glad to get home today and enjoy what my wife is cooking for myself and the kids from our Fish Box.   Will have been at sea for over thirteen hours before I get home and in the tub to relax after a long day.     I am starting a journey of a lifetime  to lose at least six stone, which is exceptionally daunting, but I am confident that I will achieve a healthier lifestyle through my new healthy eating plan.        My lovely wife Sophie, is working hard on our family eating plan to include the children in a healthy fish diet that we can all sit down and eat as a family each evening.   

Sarah Ready, the wife of the Skipper on Two Brothers Fishing is on a similar fitness campaign, instead running the London Marathon in October 2020 to support Seafarers UK, another seafaring charity that provides essential funds to The Fishermen's Mission to enable it to continue it's vital work in the fishing communities around the UK.    Not sure when I will be able to join her for a run around Brixham - but never say never!    The two boats together, through the Skippers families, are working hard to give back to both The Fishermen's Mission and Seafarers UK to say thank you for the support that has been given to the fishermen during the Covid19 impact in the collapse in fish prices.   

Please click on the logo below to give to my fundraising page to raise money for The Fishermen's Mission.   I have reached my original target of £500 for which I am entirely grateful but would like to smash this further during the next twelve months during my weight loss and healthy fish eating journey.