23 May

I am the Skipper of MFV Resolute,  a Brixham based 9 metre fishing trawler that fishes out of the port of Brixham, returning each day, with my lovely haul of the freshest catch.     I live with my lovely wife Sophie and our two young children,  Ava and Henry.   

A beautiful day of fishing underway with tomorrow to look forward to, when I will have my "Decky Learner Dan" keen to assist.        A lovely mix of fish today and some healthy competition going as to catch with the skipper on Two Brothers BM516.       

Getting stuck in to my fund raising for Fishermen's Mission, which is going well, but anticipate it will be as hard as the fishing most days.    Overwhelmed today with the donations to my fundraising page, from loved ones and friends, old and new.  

This is the start of my weekly blog of a day in the life of a Brixham inshore fisherman from MFV Resolute BM33.   I will keep you posted with information as to daily catch, with pics and my journal of life at sea. 

Fundraising For Fishermen's Mission

Thank you for reading my first blog.  

Hope you enjoy!  

Darren Passmore