24 May

The Ready Fish Box website will be gradually built to also contain a heritage area dedicated to withy pot making in Brixham.     As a family business, both skippers are very passionate about fishing in a sustainable way that preserves both our fishing heritage, but also embraces new technology to move forward in to the future.    

I have spent some years researching the difference between the way in which withy pots have been made in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset and have been fortunate enough to spend some time with David Harrison of Gweek, in Cornwall, who is one of a few withy lobster pot makers continuing the craft.     The link below is a fascinating insight in to the craft of withy pot making and the traditional methods involved. 

Withy Pot Making

As an industry, we are fortunate to have The Fishmongers Company for support and guidance, and  I set out the link in respect of the vital support that this Company has provided to support our fishermen during the Covid19 impact on our fishing industry.   Thank you to all those organisations that have worked hard over the last two months to support the fishermen during the uncertain times that we have faced over the last two months.  

The Fishmonger's Company