Our Fish Boxes

Our Fish Boxes

The contents of each box will vary day to day,  depending on seasonality and availability.      Our fish boxes are currently priced accordingly: 

£40.00 (approximately 10 portions)

£59.00 (approximately 15 portions)

£75.00 (approximately 20 portions) 

Deliveries are available in and around Torbay, South Devon.  Please feel free to call on us 07402 089170 to check delivery.   We also offer a fish box aimed at children for £35.00 which is created with minimum bones to tempt children in to eating more fish from an earlier age.       A selection of recipes for our fish boxes can be found in our Features Section of this website.  

The fish contained within the fish box is vacuum packed to enable you to store easily within the fridge or alternatively to place straight in to your freezer.    All packaging also contains the date of delivery and the date of fish landing, in order that you can keep track of how long to store at home.    Full guidance as to storage and preparation information is also found on our website - to enable you to get the most out of your fresh fish box.  

We are available to discuss any requirements from either the community or trade customers as to current availability and delivery.