Our "Full Monty" Charity Fish Box

Our "Full Monty"  Charity Fish Box

Both fishing families Ready and Passmore have received overwhelming practical support during the impact of Covid19 on the collapse in fish prices.    The start of the corona virus saw both the fishing boats tied up with both families not knowing when fishing could resume.       During our journey to start our fish box project and delivery service we have had support from The Fishmonger's Company, the fishing industry itself,  particularly from Seafish - to whom we are grateful for all practical guidance and online tools, but most of all from the local community in and around Torbay.    

Both SeafarersUK and The Fishermen's Mission have been assisting seafarers and fishermen for many years, who rely on funds to enable them to assist those in times of need.          Both charities have been particularly inundated by requests for help during this difficult time, and will continue to do some for some time to come.   It is for this reason that we have decided to create one specific beast of a fish box to try to assist both charities to restock funds,  with a 10% donation from each going straight back to the seafaring charities who have thrown a lifeline to many seafarers over many years.  

We hope that our "Full Monty" box will receive orders both in the short term and in to the future, to generate much needed funds.     We are happy to discuss any questions that you have in respect of our premium box either on our mobile 07402 089170 or alternatively directly via our contact page.